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3D Animation

5 Types 3D Animations for Architects

5 Types of 3D Animations for Architects

3D animation is a standout among the many visuals real estate professionals and architects use to attract clients. Why is this? Video content is highly favored by Google and social media. Second, potential clients prefer to see animations and videos rather than text or pictures. 3D animation is very popular in architecture and real estate. It allows one to show the future looks of unfinished projects in the best way possible. There are many types of 3D animation. Our architectural visualization company will be happy to share all of them with you.

Are you ready to discover the many types of 3D animations that can be used to create memorable presentations, eye-catching web portfolio items, captivating SMM posts, and catchy ads? Here we go:

#1. Exterior Animation

Exterior 3D animation can be used to show the end result of a construction project. You don’t have to wait until the building is complete to create footage for marketing or presentation purposes. You are not limited by weather conditions or lighting. 3D visualization allows you to choose the atmosphere and light that best highlights the selling points of your product. 

#2. Interior Animation

Interior animation demonstrates the interior spaces of properties, as the name implies. There are many types of these presentations. This animation can be used to show before-and-after comparisons, different design options, and functional features. An interior animation can show every corner of the space and help prospective clients establish an emotional connection.

#3. Mixed Animation

This use of 3D animations in architecture allows you to show your project from both the inside and the outside. This Creative Visual Studio solution offers a combination of interior and exterior animation. The most popular and efficient is the one where the camera “flies” around a building, and then takes viewers inside via the front door to show each room.

3D Animation
3D Animation

#4. Walkthrough

A walkthrough is the next type of 3D animation. It usually focuses on interiors. However, it can also show exterior details. Digital video such as this is shot at eye level. It gives the illusion that one is actually moving through the rooms.

This animation is particularly useful when presenting home renovation plans. The homeowners will be familiar with the exterior so they don’t need to pay attention to it. They can examine every detail in the interior design with the walkthrough animation.

#5. Flythrough

Flythrough animation is a great way to show off not only architectural design but also the surrounding area. This type of 3D animation shows the building from far away while focusing on the surrounding area. The camera can then zoom in to get a better view of the outside design, such as landscaping elements, driveways, pools, and terraces. Flythrough animation shows how the exterior and its surroundings interact. It can also show the property from the inside, as in the above example.

All kinds of 3D animations are powerful tools for real estate professionals and architects. 3D animation can be used to show the exterior design or highlight the interior details. It also helps you to entice potential buyers with information about the surrounding area and the outdoor amenities.

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